Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The famous new year resolutions...

Well this is my very first post and what better way to kick this whole new experience and year off than writing down my new year resolutions...

Of course this excludes all fantasy resolutions such as :
1. Become Ryan Gosling's GF
2. Never eating chocolate again (I mean seriously , who ever does)
3 . Become a cooking goddess.

All of those have been failed resolutions of the past!

So here's to a brand new year , a new start , a year full of hope and yet to be fulfilled wishes and dreams!!

Happy new year everyone!
Fill it with Love , laughter , dreams , family and (Of course) lots and lots of chocolate !!!

Xo The last girl in town

what are your new year resolutions ??!

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  1. Oh wow-- I love everything about those first 3 pix-- overalls, ombre, and flowers on bicycles! Love your blog-- definitely following! Hope you follow back!